Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baking Bagels

During the school semester when I had to keep up with my readings, assignments and constantly study for tests, I longed for summer holidays. I even dropped the summer class I had intended to take to have a stress-free vacation and to be able to enjoy the good weather.

But I've been having a little bit of trouble occupying my time these past few weeks. I started a puzzle which ended up being too long and lost patience pretty quickly. I never miss the opportunity to tan in my backyard when the weather is sunny and warm, even if the view isn't comparable to the one we had last year on our trip to Greece.

This time 2009, a couple of friends and I were exploring the beautiful island of Mykonos located in the Aegan Sea. Mykonos is known as the party island of Greece so its streets are filled with tourists at any time of the day. Ahh Mykonos..

So when not working or playing that ridiculously addictive game Zuma, I'm in the kitchen making yet another ice cream from The Perfect Scoop. This time, I wanted to try something different. I was craving something simple, something savory. I have a huge sweet tooth but I can never resist bread and cheese. I can go on eating that for days!

I've never ever baked anything with yeast before. Sure I've helped my boyfriend, V, bake all sorts of breads (his ciabatta and sour dough are my favorite) and we have made some really good bagels. He uses The Bread Baker's Apprentice like I use my copy of The Perfect Scoop! So when I got that sudden urge to bake bagels, I was going straight for that recipe, except I didn't have any bread flour! Then I rememebered that lovely post Elissa had made on 17 And Baking. There was no bread flour used and her homemade bagels looked perfect!

My bagels might not have turned out as perfect as Elissa's (V told me to knead more to get a smoothe dough... they look a little deformed...), but they sure were delicious!

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