Friday, April 23, 2010

La Maison du Macaron

I was aware of the cupcake shops in Montreal. But I had never considered that there were any macaron shops around! I don't know why it never crossed my mind before: Montreal has many French bistros, bakeries and restaurants since French is the official language and the France had colonized the area (called Nouvelle-France) a long time ago. I only recently learned about a shop called La Maison du Macaron (the site is only available in French) and was very curious to see what flavors they had available.

The little shop was crowded when I entered and I immediately noticed the large macarons decorated with raspberries. They also had one called Mac'honoré fraise et pistache that looked divine! I didn't take any pictures inside the shop because was afraid the préposé would shoo me away but you can find them on their website under Produits > Nos desserts aux fruits frais.

Some of their macarons flavors were coffee, lemon, raspberry, blueberry, fleur de sel caramel, rhum and raisin, strawberry rhubarb, baileys, litchi and tea, maple and grapefruit, pistachio. This gave me great ideas for my future macarons! I chose to try a blueberry one and a fleur de sel caramel one.

The blueberry macaron was very soft and I think it was because the weather was unusually warm! The centre tasted a lot like blueberry jam which was a bit disappointing.

I really loved the fleur de sel caramel one though. It was a bit sweeter but delicious! They also had some macarons glacés, which I'm guessing had an ice cream filling..

La Maison du Macaron
4479 De la Roche (corner Mont-Royal)

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